QWERTYlabs Inc. is the outsource solution for companies that need accurate and complete brand representation in their published content.



Mike has a mind teeming with innovative ideas and outside-the-box solutions utilising the power of digital media to engage audiences, and boost your brand online.

He can also put together the perfect team to take our clients’ projects, goals and campaigns from the germ of an idea to brilliant reality.


SEO Director

I am in charge of the SEO for QWERTYlabs. I have decades of learning experiences with hundreds of clients across numerous niches. I find that there’s still so much more to learn in digital marketing.

SEO evolves constantly, trends change quickly, content needs relevance, but the exciting part here is working with an intelligent, solutions-oriented team that adapts and stays ahead of the game.



Chelsea Montilla has a keen eye for details and a hunger to present the best output in any given task. In the industry of brand safety, management, and marketing, she continuously strives to produce the best content tailored to the target audience and the client’s needs. Besides this, she is also determined to help the team she is part of to evolve with a desire for success and passion for marketing.



Abby is committed to help and guide her team to produce quality content regularly and efficiently. In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing and content creation, she aims for collective growth, while successfully delivering content that is both diverse and fit for the company’s target audience. With a curious mind, Abby continues to learn through her experiences in the workplace day by day.


SEO Team Lead

A dreamer and a goal-getter. Her team works on reviews, analysation and implementation of changes that they need in order to optimise and maximise the traffic. For her, SEO is the coolest thing to learn and it never gets old!